Enjoy a unique show


Flamenco is pure passion. But for the feeling to flow, so that “the goblin” appears,

as the gypsies call that moment of rapture, of deep emotion, certain premises have to be fulfilled:



This art deserves respect, attention and silence. That’s the reason we do not serve meals.

The din of a restaurant interferes with the creative silence that flamenco artists need, apart from undermining the greatness of this art.



100 years ago, we danced and sang in basements of vaulted bricks, like ours. Artists on a small stage, surrounded by fans.

The private party intimacy, family, impregnates the genes of this art: it is the essence of flamenco.


Musical sound

Flamenco is a song to sing in the ear, a secret of the soul that confesses to a group of people nearby.

That’s why we do not need, or use, microphones and speakers. The sound comes clean, authentic, from instruments without amplification.


Complicity between artists

Our artistic director, “El Mistela”, National Prize of the Flamenco Critic, has formed around him a group of flamenco stars.

A small family, united especially, by the high artistic quality of its members.


The respect for this art, the intimacy during the show, the musical sound of a cave of old bricks,

and the complicity between artists, is what sets us apart, and it’s what we offer every day in Essential Flamenco.

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